“If you enjoy beautiful lyrical harp and a crystal clear voice, you will be transported.” – Peter Hall, Dorps Koerant, Darling

“This morning, your harp strings seem directly connected to my heart-strings. . . and to my tear ducts. For more than 6 decades, I’ve loved harp music, and few harpists have ever touched me as you do.” – Sonya Cashdan on YouTube

Christy-Lyn is a versatile singer-harpist from South Africa with an enchanting voice and an engaging manner. She is the resident harpist at the Vineyard Hotel and performs frequently in and around Cape Town. Christy-Lyn has a strong online following on her YouTube channel where she uploads weekly videos and gives live online concerts.

Growing up in a musical family, Christy-Lyn took classical music lessons from the age of 7. She excelled in classical piano, violin and singing throughout school and toured the world singing with the highly acclaimed Cape Town Youth Choir (previously Pro Cantu). Later Christy-Lyn taught herself to play the ukulele, and started taking classical harp lessons to accompany her singing. She surprised herself and her harp teachers with her swift progress which resulted in setting aside her other musical endeavours to focus primarily on harp and singing.

Performing for you in South Africa

Christy-Lyn performs with her harp from a wide range of genres including classical music, Celtic music, contemporary pop music, vintage swing music, and even songs from the 60s and 70s. Christy-Lyn tailors the music to suit the occasion; she has experience performing as a soloist for large audiences such as the amphitheatre at Kirstenbosch (over 4000 people) and the Knysna Celtic Festival (over 2000 people), but she is equally comfortable entertaining small groups of people in private settings. Christy-Lyn performs at events including but not limited to weddings, corporate functions, vintage-themed events, Celtic events (Scottish, Irish or Welsh), Church services, Retirement Centre concerts, Christmas functions and private parties.

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Christy-Lyn is on YouTube!

Christy-Lyn has a strong online following on YouTube where she has over 700 000 views on her YouTube channel “Christy-Lyn’s Music” and over 3000 subscribers who are notified about every new video. She uploads weekly videos on her YouTube channel and gives live online YouTube concerts every alternate month. Sample her videos and subscribe to her YouTube channel to be notified of new uploads, and “like” her Facebook page to follow the news of her musical journey.

Christy-Lyn’s YouTube videos are made possible by the patrons-of-the-arts who support her through Patreon, an online crowd funding platform where patrons pledge ongoing support for Christy-Lyn’s music with amounts ranging from $1 to $100 per month in return for regular YouTube videos and other rewards. On Patreon Christy-Lyn posts behind-the-scenes videos and sneak-peaks of new songs, allowing her patrons to become a part of her musical journey in a unique way. Visit Christy-Lyn’s Patreon page to watch the explanation video and find out more.

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